Which neighborhoods have the most popular pizza restaurants in new york city?

Although Best Pizza is a big competitor, the best of Williamsburg is found at Williamsburg Pizza, simply great classic slices (order grandma's slice or, better yet, a whole cake), unadorned and with lots of cheese. New York City divides its neighborhoods into what they call modified zip code tabulation areas (ModzCTA), which combine census districts that normally fall under the same zip code. Today, the New York City Economic Development Corporation released statistics that can finally put an end to this battle, declaring the areas in each district with the highest number of pizza establishments. He had been serving what some considered to be the best pizza in New York City since 1965, adding basil leaves grown in his Midwood store to every cake.

Self-described as a “classic New York-style pizza restaurant with a modern twist”, Sofia Pizza Shoppe is the place where the Margherita portion reigns. The restaurant has expanded to become much more than just a pizza place these days, but the cakes are still some of the best in town. Fights between pizzas are the stuff of legend in New York, and this place is the latest project of the controversial chef Andrew Bellucci, who has just left another pizza restaurant in Astoria with almost the same name. Joe's Pizza offers the quintessential New York portion that existed before you were born.

Here's a collection of 29 restaurants spread across the five boroughs that every pizza-loving New Yorker should visit at least once. However, this number is likely biased by a five-star place called Scott's Pizza Tours, which offers customers to try pizza in several neighborhoods in New York City. Although the Bed-Stuy branch has only been open for three years, the original one was founded in Riverhead in 1975, and this place is a quintessential neighborhood venue in New York City. Whether you want a juicy chicken parmesan or a carbonara pizza with cheese and a crispy crust cooked to perfection, Brunetti Pizza has what you need.

Don Antonio's fried pizza menu is what pizza dreams are made of, and their gluten-free options are unmatched. Gothamist is a website about New York City news, art, events and food, presented by New York Public Radio. If there's one topic that could provoke debate among New Yorkers, it's where to find the best pizza in Manhattan. Others worth trying are the pizza with vodka sauce, the Rubirosa Supreme, the pizza Bianca and the rabe pizza with broccoli with 26% sausage.