Where can i find wood-fired pizzas with unique topping combinations in new york city?

The Sottocasa Pizzeria is a solid neighborhood pizzeria with a wide and ingenious selection of personalized wood-fired cakes. Pride of Astoria, founded in 1959, when portions cost 15 cents, Rizzo's serves a cake like no other in the city. Pizzas are rectangular like Sicilian pizzas, but with an ultra-thin dough that crunches when you bite it and they also have a normal density if you apply the ingredients very carefully. This pizza is designed and unique, and it comes in dozens of ingredient combinations.

Equipped with a huge, custom-designed pizza oven, the restaurant helped turn New York pizza from a serving proposition to the centerpiece of a carefully prepared meal accompanied by excellent wine (or craft beer) and salads and side dishes from farm to table. Danny Meyer's exclusive Marta Italian Pizzeria and Restaurant is located at The Redbury New York Hotel. He had been serving what some considered to be the best pizza in New York City since 1965, adding basil leaves grown in his Midwood store to every cake. The only activity that's more typical of New York than eating pizza is looking for the best pies.

John Peragine's pizza restaurant has fulfilled the mission of doing everything, from its wall-mounted covered ovens that serve traditional New York and Detroit style cakes with a crisp crust and thick topping of mozzarella, cheddar and Wisconsin cheeses, to a wood oven for fresh and tasty Neapolitan pies and calzones with an open face. Here's a collection of 29 restaurants spread across the five boroughs that every pizza-loving New Yorker should visit at least once. Check out the oldest pizza place in New York and the second oldest in the country O'Scugnizzo Pizzeria in Utica, which opened in 1914.Unique in New York (except for one place in Michigan), this is the portion that people think of when they think of a New York portion. Following the New York tradition of a 99 cent slice of cheese, this counter pizza place is a great place to stop and enjoy a traditional slice to go.

Founded in 1929 by John Sasso, a Lombardi's student, the restaurant produces very fine pizzas cooked in a charcoal oven, prudently covered with a modest amount of sauce and cheese. Fights between pizzas are the stuff of legend in New York, and this place is the latest project of the controversial chef Andrew Bellucci, who has just left another pizza restaurant in Astoria with almost the same name. John's is one of the oldest pizzerias in the city and has preserved much of its original New York character. Apizza Regionale is an authentic New York pizza, not only because of its style, but because almost all the ingredients come from New York.

With an artisanal pizza with a twist, %26 pizza serves a variety of tasty, wood-fired oven baked cakes made in the flatbread style. Paulie Gee's became a success, expanded to other cities and turned Giannone into a famous pizza chef.