Where can i find the best vegan pizzas with dairy-free cheese options in new york city?

Located around the corner from Washington Square Park, Artistic Pizza serves a fairly extensive menu of plant-based cakes, in addition to the usual ones. Even the most carnivorous person in your life will find something (vegan) to enjoy here, like the feel of vegan sausages, vegan buffalo chicken, and vegan pepperoni pie. If you don't like fake meat, the best thing is the abundance of vegetables: onions, spinach, mushrooms and peppers on a bed of perfectly melted vegan cheese. And if you just can't decide, ask the always helpful staff to give you a recommendation.

Whatever he asks for, be sure to take him to the park, where he can eat while listening to a random person play the saxophone in the background. You can also enjoy this pig-friendly pizza as part of the Slices-N-Stix promotion, which includes breadsticks in the middle of the cake and Planteroni pizza in the other. It's a big week for vegans in Canada, because the popular Pizza 73 chain has added a lot of new vegan options to its menu. With its exposed bricks and neon signs that say “Get Lost In The Sauce,” Village Square Pizza is a very quiet place to eat a slice of pizza in the West Village (there's also a second location on Avenue A).

In January, London's NXT LVL Pizza, a videogame-themed pizza delivery service, became the first restaurant in the United Kingdom to offer the brand. It doesn't matter if you're in Manhattan or Brooklyn, you're never too far from a restaurant that serves a great slice of vegan pizza. America's Incredible Pizza Company Blast 825 PizzabusBoys and Poets Escape from New York Extreme Pizza Ian Pizza Pizza with Living Basil Pizza from New York Pizza Pizza from New York Pizza Depot Pizza Artisan Pizza from Pennsylvania Pizza Artisan Pizza Panago Pizza Paulie Gee's New Haven Style Apizzapi Pizzapi PizzeriaPizza Fusion Pizza Pizza Fusion Pizza Studio Pyro's Fire Pizza Fusion Pizza Studio Pyro's Fire Pizza Pizza Studio Pyro's Fire Pizza Fresh Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza's Woodfire Pizza, Inc. Pleese Cheese was founded by Kobi and Abev Regev, two native New Yorkers who missed the experience of enjoying a New York-style slice of pizza after becoming vegan.

Mora Pizza recently moved from Miami, where the old school handmade pizza and the store's authentic-flavored cheese attracted a loyal customer base. To create an authentic New York-style pizza, the store serves Pleese Cheese, an innovative plant-based brand developed to blend perfectly into pizza. Pizza Pizza is becoming the preferred choice for compassionate Canadian customers, as its classic, whole-grain pizza doughs are vegan and it also offers delicious dairy-free cheese from Violife, which can replace cow's milk mozzarella in any of its pizzas. We toured the city in search of the best vegan pizzerias and made this list focusing on the variety of options in each place, the creativity of each menu and, you know, how good the cakes were.

Other vegan options include Daiya mozzarella cheese, original pizza dough, gluten-free pizza dough, red hot sauce, barbecue sauce, garlic dressing, fig balsamic glaze, barbecue sauce, and limited-edition romesco sauce. Founded by Jonathan Mora, a third-generation pizza chef, the ever-changing menu includes everything from classic pizzas with cheese and margaritas to Buffalo macaroni, hot chicken, S'Mores and birthday cake pizzas. Participation may vary, but the offer is available at many of the chain's locations in Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon.