Where can i find the best sicilian-style square cut pizza in new york city?

The square cakes that bear the name of the neighborhood's streets nourish 26% of the food in this NoLita pizzeria. When it comes to the careful reinvention of the classic New York portion here in the city, Frank Pinello may be Patient Zero. He grew up in Bensonhurst, trained at the CIA and opened a candy store in Williamsburg at the height of the mid-1940s revival in Brooklyn. If you're looking for something exclusive in a tranquil setting, look no further: the recently opened Sicilian restaurant Bar Pasquale.

Its menu includes dishes composed of Sicilian ingredients, such as uni, pistachios, pichón and caciocavallo, to name a few. Bleecker St Pizza is open until 5 in the morning on weekends, so whether you're just out of a night shift or have indulged in cocktails at one of the nearby bars, Bleecker St Pizza is here to satisfy your hunger. Ask any New Yorker what area of the city they'd like to avoid forever, and the answer will be Times Square. While there are plenty of wood-fired pizza options in New York, the place that does it best is Manetta's in Long Island City, Queens.

The L%26B cake is the stuff of pizza dreams, and in a city full of thousands of pizzerias, L%26B Spumoni Gardens simply leaves them speechless. Choosing the best pizza in New York City is an arduous task, but if there can be only one true winner, that is without a doubt the L%26B Spumoni Gardens. Giorgia dances with the pizza while burning the excess oil in the oven for a few seconds, which guarantees a fried pizza that is not greasy, crunchy, but light and airy. Not only does he keep up with this city's pizza, but he's also been making great bar-style pizzas at his regular pop-up store, Margot's Pizza.

If you want to eat some pizza, the best thing you can do not only in the neighborhood, but also in the city itself, is Bleecker St Pizza. An example of minimalist perfection, Patsy's portion has been extraordinarily consistent since I arrived in New York. A slice (or pie) from New York has a thin dough that is crispy but supple, you can fold it without breaking it like a cookie. Sac's is a large pizzeria-restaurant in Astoria that has the distinction, after Patsy's, of serving the only other portion in a charcoal oven in New York.