Where can i find the best california-style gourmet pizzas in new york city?

Yes, you might have to wait more than an hour to try this Midwood institution, but a visit to the original, standard-setting store founded by the late Domenico DeMarco in 1965 is a must for pizza lovers and pizza lovers around the world. Whole slices and pies are available. Another pizza place so good it's worth making a reservation. It's a little easier to get into Ops and it has a wonderful and comprehensive wine list.

You can also have a marinara, a margarita or a juno (broccoli rabe, potatoes, provola, ricotta salata) to go and buy a bottle in the store owned by the same owner, Forêt Wines, to pair it at home. Owner Chris Iacono worked at his brother Mark's pizza place, Lucali, before opening this place in Park Slope. First-rate ingredients, such as hand-cut pepperoni, fresh mushrooms and a mix of low-moisture mozzarella cheeses, fresh homemade mozzarella and imported parmigiano-reggiano, demonstrate a commitment to quality. Grandma Giuseppina's secret sauce recipe stands between those and the thin dough.

This newcomer to Park Slope began as a pre-pandemic vaccine project before opening its doors on Fifth Avenue this summer. The attention paid to sourcing, ingredients and the magic and science of pizza pay off with excellent Margherita, Sicilian and Grandma varieties. There's also wine, beer, and seating inside and out. Chef Jack Leahy went to a culinary school in New York and spent the first part of the pandemic obsessed with pizza dough.

Holzman spent decades working at the best fine-dining restaurants in New York City, such as Le Bernardin, and then launched a highly successful informal concept, Meatball Shop, there. Unique to New York (except for one place in Michigan), this is the bit that people think of when they think of a piece of New York. That's the temperature at which tap water comes out in New York City, he says, and using the same water temperature helps prepare authentic New York-style pizzas on the West Coast. El Fornino de Ayoub has been known for its pizza riffs over the centuries, so try a traditional cake or try something new for yourself.

When the native New Yorker prepares the dough at his recently opened Danny Boy's Famous Original Pizza in downtown Los Angeles, he uses water at an exact temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit. This crunchy dough newcomer, which premiered last spring, generously interprets the idea of New York style.