Where can i find takeout pizzas with a variety of topping options and quick service times in new york city?

This fantastic pizza place in Jersey City offers about six of its cakes to be picked up from 3 to 9 at night every day, except Monday. Owned by pizza guru Mark Iacono, much loved by American royalty Beyoncé and her husband, and popularized by just about every pizza lover in the tri-state area, Lucali is a bucket list pizza place for many. Almost synonymous with New York pizza in and of itself, Joe's is perhaps the city's most iconic takeaway. That last decade is probably also known for one or two other things, but this classic New York slice store in Pelham Bay is definitely the most notable.

As a tavern with locations in Staten Island, Manhattan and New Jersey, Denino's captures thin-crust SI pizza at its best, replicating the crunchy crust covered with rich red sauce, slices of mozzarella and pieces of basil for everyone who wants a cake worthy of a destination. This old school store, which is perhaps the best pilgrimage for anyone interested in New York's pizza tradition, dates back to 1965, when Italian immigrant Domenico DeMarco (Dom) opened what would become one of Brooklyn's most legendary pizzerias. You'll find “New York-style” chunks in the world's capitals, international airports, and American cities that claim to trust their own regional vision. Margherita pizzas are garnished with homemade mozzarella, and seasonal pizzas are topped with special delicacies for a limited time, such as asparagus and ramps.

If you tend to use more and better pizza toppings, you'll be a fan of Beebe's in Long Island City. Created by the team behind the popular Bushwick pizza restaurant, Ops, this modern Williamsburg restaurant specializes in naturally fermented breads, Neapolitan tarts made with sourdough, and Roman-style square slices with a thin crust. The Roni Supreme, sprinkled with pepperoni and Calabrian chilies for an extra touch, has been a long-time favorite, and the store also shows that they have more to offer besides pizza, with one of the best hamburgers in town.