Where can i find authentic wood-fired pizzas in new york city?

Celeste — 502 Amsterdam Ave (between 84th St. %26 85th St) New York, NY 10024 Chef Giancarlo Quadalto changed his style and moved away from Neapolitan by draining the tomatoes to reduce the consistency of the soup. Review of Slice —Yelp (4 stars) — Zagat 24 Osteria Cotta—513 Columbus Ave (between 84th St. %26 85th St) Manhattan, NY 10024 — (21 873-8500) Giuseppe Cangialosi, formerly of Emporio, runs the wood-fired pizza program at Osteria Cotta.

Yelp (4 stars) --website and menu --. As you read this list, keep in mind that this is my personal list of the best pizzas in New York City. To that end, there's no doubt that Joe's is one of the most iconic New York City pizzas you can find. The line at Prince Street Pizza is fully insured, this is undoubtedly one of the best pizzas in New York City.

Sourdough is the main attraction here, as a custom flour blend is used that includes whole wheat from upstate New York and durum wheat from Sicily. We just moved to a new apartment just two blocks from Patsy's Pizza (send help, I'm not in control). Trattoria Zero Otto Nove — 2357 Arthur Ave Bronx, NY 10458 — (71) 220-1027 —15 West 21st Street New York, NY 10010 (21) 242-0899 Chef Roberto Paciullo serves a Salerno-style pizza, which is slightly different from Neapolitan-style pizza. We've invested a lot of energy in understanding what makes a particular pizza so delicious, and few places have perplexed us like Bread And Salt in Jersey City.

Home to several classic pizzerias, including the best pizza place in town, Carroll Gardens is New York's unofficial breeding ground for pizza talent. With this in mind, it's impressive that their pizzas can take center stage in a city full of restaurants specializing only in pizza. Rubirosa has been one of the best Italian restaurants in Manhattan for some time, and while the waits here are still long, the pizza is worth it. It's a counter service place that looks like a neighborhood pizza restaurant from the 1970s, and it's where you'll find excellent New York-style folding slices with a dough that's both chewy and crunchy.

Lee's Tavern seems to be frozen in a time before the invention of mobile phone reception or the invention of equipment known as the New York Metropolitans. Unlike most of the other places mentioned on this list, Patsy's is actually an Italian restaurant that serves pizza. Fratelli La Buffula --2161 Broadway New York, NY 10023 -- (21) 496-5303 Recently opened Pizzeria with 100 restaurants around the world. Roberta's helped start the new Neapolitan movement in this city, and this list of pizzas would likely look very different without the influence of its spongy, chewy dough.