Where can i find authentic sicilian pizzas in new york city?

If you're looking for a classic slice in New York, it's worth taking the trip to Bensonhurst just to try the J%26V Pizzeria. This humble slice needs no details, the quality ingredients and the love that goes into making it speak for themselves. Bleecker St Pizza is open until 5 in the morning on weekends, so whether you're just out of a night shift or have indulged in cocktails at one of the nearby bars, Bleecker St Pizza is here to satisfy your hunger. Choosing the best pizza in New York City is an arduous task, but if there can be only one true winner, that is without a doubt the L%26B Spumoni Gardens.

All pizzas are freshly prepared to order and, with a simple menu that includes some exclusive cakes, you can't go wrong when choosing, although New Yorkers might judge you if you opt for Hawaiian pizza. Arriving in New York at age 19, Giorgia didn't know what direction to take in life, but she found herself making pizza. Ask any New Yorker what area of the city they'd like to avoid forever, and the answer will be Times Square. The L%26B cake is the stuff of pizza dreams, and in a city full of thousands of pizzerias, L%26B Spumoni Gardens simply leaves them speechless.

While there are plenty of wood-fired pizza options in New York, the place that does it best is Manetta's in Long Island City, Queens. Giorgia dances with the pizza while burning the excess oil in the oven for a few seconds, which guarantees a fried pizza that is not greasy, crunchy, but light and airy. New York City is the culinary capital of the United States and offers authentic dishes from around the world. Announced by a giant mural of the popular island scene, it offers the most complete menu of all the restaurants of its kind, full of the vegetables that Sicilians love, displayed in a window when entering the restaurant.

If you want to eat some pizza, the best thing you can do not only in the neighborhood, but also in the city itself, is Bleecker St Pizza.