What are the top-rated pizza restaurants in new york city?

Say Fara Pizza · Joe's Pizza · Scarr's Pizza · Upside Pizza Yes, you may have to wait more than an hour to try this Midwood institution, but a visit to the original standard-setting store founded by the late Domenico DeMarco in 1965 is a must for pizza lovers and pizza lovers around the world. Whole slices and pies are available. Another pizza place so good it's worth booking. Ops is a little easier to get into and has a wonderful and complete wine list.

You can also have a marinara, a margarita or a juno (broccoli rabe, potatoes, provola, ricotta salata) to go and buy a bottle in the store owned by the same owner, Forêt Wines, to pair it at home. Owner Chris Iacono worked at his brother Mark's pizza place, Lucali, before opening this place in Park Slope. First-rate ingredients, such as hand-cut pepperoni, fresh mushrooms and a mix of low-moisture mozzarella cheeses, fresh homemade mozzarella and imported parmigiano-reggiano, demonstrate a commitment to quality. Grandma Giuseppina's secret sauce recipe stands between those and the thin dough.

This newcomer to Park Slope began as a pre-pandemic vaccine project before opening its doors on Fifth Avenue this summer. The attention to sourcing, ingredients and the magic and science of pizza pay off with very good Margherita, Sicilian and Grandma varieties. There's also wine, beer, and seating inside and out. Di Fara opened in 1965 and, ever since, they've been making legendary Neapolitan cakes in South Brooklyn.

The owner Dom DeMarco prepared the pizzas himself right behind the counter for most of that time, but in recent years he has passed the torch of pizza making to his children. Pizza here is still prepared with several different types of cheese, olive oil, and fresh basil, which will make you wonder why not all pizzas are covered in fresh basil. The crisp crust is noticeably salty, and each slice, almost light, will offer a satisfying crunch when folded for consumption. One portion will make you incredibly happy, and a second one will make you want to crawl into a sleeping bag and watch a romantic comedy.

As one of the most popular up-and-coming pizzerias in New York, The Za Report's origin story is as good as the pizza itself. A few months before the pandemic began, founder Miriam Weiskind left her job in advertising to learn how to make pizza with Paulie Gee (more on that below). But then, when everything shut down in the early days of Covid, Weiskind started making pizza pies in his apartment for his neighbors and the word quickly spread around the tri-state area. The president of the PAF Pizza Academy Foundation, Caporuscio, has begun teaching the artisanal preparation of Neapolitan pizza to chefs in the United States.

UU. As much as New Yorkers love their exclusive New York-style slice, the city loves Chicago's enormous deep plate. The best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York, the best pizza in New York,. With this in mind, it's impressive that their pizzas can take center stage in a city full of restaurants specializing only in pizza.

Roberto Caporuscio, a family of Neapolitan pizzerias, is so consumed by traditional techniques and authentic ingredients that he has become the president of the American section of the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletana, the trade association that certifies pizza makers. Many of the city's best places also have interesting (and very New York) backstories that add to their appeal. Bringing the authentic taste of Naples to Greenwich Village, Ribalta is a much loved and appreciated New York City pizza restaurant. Totonno's, a Coney Island institution since 1924, has won almost every award, including the James Beard Foundation's prestigious America's Classic Award and recognition as one of the best pizzas in the top 5 restaurants.

El Fornino de Ayoub has been known for its pizza riffs over the centuries, so try a traditional cake or try something new for yourself. It's the kind of place you go to when you want a fancy dinner, but you're too New Yorker and don't eat pizza. Julianna's Pizza is the only New York pizza place that I return to again and again without losing my enthusiasm. But even if Razza wasn't in the New York metropolitan area (it is), and even if it wasn't closer to downtown Manhattan than most of the places on this list (it is), blistered, wood-fired pizza is still among the best in New York, New Jersey and Mars.