What are the best value pizza restaurants in new york city?

Paulie Gee's Slice Shop · 3.If you want to save some money, head here for the best cheap pizza in New York. The classics of cheese and pepperoni are joined by the slices of Hellboy (pepperoni with warm honey from Mike's) and Freddy Prince (an upside-down Sicilian with a sesame seed background) in the informal spin-off of Greenpoint Darling. True to Brooklyn style, the restaurant's menu from the 1970s includes four vegan cakes. Pasquale Lancieri, one of New York's leading brick-oven pizzerias, opened its first pizza place in Harlem in 1933 (although its pastries originate even further afield, on the Lower East Side).

He is often credited with inventing the New York portion itself, the store located in Turtle Bay %26, on the Upper West Side, is now owned by the fourth generation of family pizza makers. Known as “America's first pizza place,” Lombardi's is both an American institution and a New York one. What began in 1905 by Neapolitan immigrant Gennaro Lombardi is still a Little Italy staple, promising a pizza baked in a charcoal oven with a smoked crust, topped with purist tomato sauce, fresh whole milk mozzarella and basil. Head to the upper part of the city for a cozy atmosphere and delicious pizza in a brick oven right in front of City College.

However, the chef is a culinary globetrotter, and his latest position at the Gotham West Market in Hell's Kitchen focuses on staples from his hometown, New York. Roberta's wood-fired pizzas helped make a name for Bushwick, Brooklyn, and are known as one of the best pizzas in New York. There's an express side just for pizza or a restaurant to sit down with pasta and more if you have a little more free time. They import all their ingredients directly from Italy and “only use the mix of pizza flours certified by the Italian flour mill 'Le 5 Stagioni' and the natural yeast from Italy, which makes pizza light and easy to digest, according to their website.