What are the best takeout pizza restaurants in new york city?

Paulie Gee's Slice Shop · 2.Whether you order through a delivery app or through an old school phone call, these restaurants offer the best pizza delivery in New York. Since 1939, this original from Bensonhurst has been serving one of the best Sicilian slices in the city. The sweet and sweet tomato sauce is generously spread over tall, pasty rectangles with a crisp, golden bottom. It ends with squares of melted mozzarella and creamy strips of Parmesan.

You can enjoy those gorgeous £26 billion squares in the privacy of your home through home delivery. Covered with creamy mozzarella melted in cubes on a rich layer of tasty tomato sauce spread to the edge of a thin, crunchy dough, a Joe %26 Pat's pizza uses simple ingredients and prepares them exquisitely. It's a recipe that has been refined over the past 50 years and we hope it will never change. Giuseppe Pappalardo, owner of Joe %26 Pat's Pizzeria in Staten Island, hired his son as a chef and pizzaiolo at this Italian restaurant, which offers simple thin-crust pizzas and classic dishes with red sauce.

Rubirosa's crispy but flexible tarts have a delicate carbonization and a small ring of biscuit-like crust on the edges. We haven't gone wrong with the simple vodka version yet. Created by Eli Halali (famous for 2 Bros. Dollar Slice) and Noam Grossman, Upside enhances the humble New York-style portion with infusions of white wine sauce with lemon cream in its in-house specialty, Falkowitz.

Joe's Pizza offers the quintessential New York portion that existed before you were born. Whether you want a juicy chicken parmesan or a carbonara pizza with cheese and a crispy crust cooked to perfection, Brunetti Pizza has what you need. There are few pleasures better than New York pizza, except for the ease and convenience of New York pizza delivery. The New York reinvention of Neapolitan-style pizza is characterized by a thin dough on the edges and a soft, delicate and easy to fold center.

Their signature tarts include New York's round cheese pizza, white garlic pizza and upside-down pizza. This trendy pizza place has been on the New York pizza map for more than 10 years__ and is one of the best pizzerias in New York. That place has been labeled the “Best Pizza in New York” and “The Best Handmade Pizza in New York.” Not all New York slices are prepared the same way, at least that's the case if you ask the team behind Brooklyn's last simple pastry shop. Their authentic New York pizza is called “The Best of New York” and is described as “the quintessential New York slice”.

Some of the dishes on their menu include white pizza without sauce, slices of fresh margaritas, pizza with ricotta and spinach, and ranchera pizza with chicken and bacon. Neapolitan pizza fans felt deceived when Anthony Mangieri moved his restaurant to San Francisco from the East Village. They also offer a series of special cakes that will make your mouth water, from pizza with chicken quesadilla to meat pizza from Philadelphia. Whether you're looking for pizzerias in Manhattan or the best pizza in Brooklyn, you can find a delicious New York pizza near you and order it with the Slice app.

Their award-winning pizza is topped with tomato sauce in chunks and patches of fresh mozzarella, making it one of the best slices of pizza in New York. Rubirosa is a modern pizzeria and restaurant that serves delicious sandwiches, salads and fresh handmade pasta.