What are the best family-friendly pizza restaurants in new york city?

Archie's Bar %26 Pizza · 5.Prepared like a rock restaurant from the '50s, with lots of chrome and swivel stools and a combination of turquoise colors, Harlem Shake specializes in crushed hamburgers grilled on the grill, along with seasoned French fries, chicken sandwiches and sausages. Soft ice cream is a secondary approach, with milkshakes topped with whipped cream and floating root beer. For parents, there are beers and mugs of mimosas. This western-themed honky-tonk has been delighting parents and children alike for decades with its Southern and Southwestern food and its display of ranch and cowgirl memorabilia.

There's even a small toy store set up in the front of the restaurant and good strong drinks for parents. Start with the famous black-eyed pea sauce and then continue with a fried pie, a fried chicken fillet, or the excellent grilled ribs. Pizza is something that children and their parents can agree on: Juliana's are authentic gourmet cakes, just like those in Brooklyn, the world capital of pizza. Juliet Izon is a freelance writer based in New York and the Hudson Valley who specializes in food and travel.

Rubirosa has been one of the best Italian restaurants in Manhattan for some time, and while the waits here are still long, the pizza is worth it. We could tell you that this restaurant that only sells cash is BYOB and that the small room seems like a spiritual place of pizza worship. End an afternoon strolling through the New York Botanical Garden or seeing the stunning exotic creatures of the Bronx Zoo with dinner on Arthur Avenue, the district's answer to Little Italy. Roberta's, a pioneer in a new wave of New York-style pizzas, is now solidly in the pantheon of the city's best pizzerias.

In terms of style, Ops cakes fit between the crispy ones in New York and the Neapolitan ones soaked in the center, since each slice stays straight when you lift them up in the air, but the dough swells like a balloon. Home to several classic pizzerias, including the best pizza place in town, Carroll Gardens is New York's unofficial breeding ground for pizza talent. There are restaurants that are good and restaurants that are good for kids, but sometimes it can seem difficult to find one that is both. If you grew up watching Dom DeMarco prepare your pies at Di Fara, in Midwood, you might never want to travel to New Jersey for pizza.

Lee's Tavern seems to be frozen in a time before the invention of mobile phone reception or the invention of equipment known as the New York Metropolitans. Roberta's helped start the new Neapolitan movement in this city, and this list of pizzas would likely look very different without the influence of its spongy, chewy dough. A second location at the Time Out Market in New York makes it much easier to enjoy this New York classic. It's a counter service place that looks like a neighborhood pizza restaurant from the 1970s, and it's where you'll find excellent New York-style folding slices with a dough that's both chewy and crunchy.

The sides are particularly noteworthy, such as the good baked beans, the excellent macaroni and cheese and the salted potatoes of Syracuse, a nod to Dinosaur's hometown in upstate New York.